Commission Procedures

We've Played Two

We've Played Two
12in. x 30 in.

The allure of a young woman’s sidelong glance, the leaves of Fall yet to fall, the painter captures the ephemeral and suspends the moment in Time. Bob Dylan sang to us of “Forever Young”. Through portraiture we can capture a moment and create an heirloom.

The process begins with a dialogue. Artist and client discuss the client’s vision: subject(s), pose (formal or relaxed), background (interior, exterior or neutral) and size of the work. A fee for the work is then determined and a contract formalized. Time and distance will rarely allow for (not to mention the inconvenience of) dozens of hours of subject(s) posing, so the artist utilizes his background in photography to create numerous reference photos of the subject(s) and background(s). The artist and client select a photo(s) to create a composition and the painting begins. The artist will keep the client updated on the progress of the work and will be open to minor alterations to satisfy the client.

This whole process will take six to ten weeks and the date of completion will depend on the artist’s workload at the time of commission. An estimated due date will be specified in the contract.

Under certain circumstances, a painting can be accomplished using a photograph from your family archive, for example, a sepia-toned recreation of a historical photo, or a scene from a favorite family vacation. (Copyrighted photos, i.e. professional wedding shots, would require permission from the copyright holder.) Contact the artist for special arrangements.


Primary Colors

Primary Colors
14in. x 24 in.

My fee is proportional to the size of the canvas, based on $500 per square foot. Multiple figures and elaborate backgrounds can increase this figure. A typical 24in x 30in portrait fee would be $2,500.

Twenty five percent of this fee will be required at the time of contractual agreement, twenty five percent at the time of initial photo shoot and the balance will be due upon completion of the work. Finished works will be delivered unframed, allowing the client to choose a frame which will optimize the artwork in the setting in which it will be viewed.

Agreed upon travel and lodging expenses for the artist will be billed to the client and due at the time of the initial photo shoot. Shipping costs and any applicable sales tax will be billed to the client and due at the time of the final payment.